Word for the day: KIND
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Word for the day: KIND

(Dog) is mankind’s best friend, (sorry cats, it’s true) What comes to my mind is, yesterday, my buddy Rocco, he’s a big Boxer…. His mom dropped off a stuffed bear to cheer me up, after my emergency trip to the vet. Our game of keep away in the back yard, ended abruptly with a back-paw muscle strain. Yikes, that HURT!! Well, It worked, the stuffed squeak bear was a total SURPRISE! I was filled with JOY, my butt wiggled everywhere in pure delight, I just knew it was for me, before my mom even opened the bag! I was happy, my mom was happy, Anne was happy delivering it to our back gate…

How are you going to show your kindness today?

Share below, and PLEASE send dog photo’s!!

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