Your Coach
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About me

Chrysa about

To get something you never had…You have to do something you never did.

Your Coach

Chrysa is a joy filled, grateful believer, who has dedicated her life to refining her skills as a highly qualified and sought-after coach, speaker and soon to be published author. Chrysa has a natural gift of encouragement. She has been described as an authentic, compassionate trainer and a natural born leader. You will experience integrity, trust and genuine sincerity when you work with her. She has become beautiful inside and out, through life’s trials, tribulations, and victorious accomplishments!

You are worth it!

Chrysa will guide you to ignite your spark, add fuel to your fire, or fan your embers that are about to go out, and then… have you turn them into an epic bonfire.

Publications & Engagements

Chrysa’s book Words have Power, to hurt, harm and heal  will be published in the near future.

Speaking engagements are available.